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Dr. Corwynn Beals’


Helping you Rekindle Passion

in your Marriage

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?
1. Re-hashing the past in years of therapy…only to leave the sessions more upset!
2. Reading book after book…only to find their solutions back-firing on you?
3. Getting what sounds like good advice from friends or podcasts or pastors…only to find your marriage falling back into old cycles?
4. Thinking an exotic vacation or a bigger home or a new car will show your spouse how much you care…only to find the same lack of desire and passion?

It may be coming from ‘drinking the water’ that our culture drinks—any of these old beliefs about marriage:

1. Marriage is about a constant state of happiness and my spouse WON’T HURT ME.

2. Love is FREE, and should be EASY .

3. There’s ONE MAGIC (silver bullet) solution for your marriage.

4. It takes TWO to save your marriage.

Truth-- old assumptions/lies need to be replaced with NEW beliefs.

Watch this masterclass to see how to replace old beliefs with new truths and bring your marriage back to life. Click on the button below to get started!

This Program is NOT FOR YOU (and please don’t even apply or book a call with me) if:

1. You think a band-aid will fix your marriage.

2. You aren’t 100% committed.

3. You aren’t willing to be the only one working on your marriage for awhile.

4. You aren’t willing to invest time, energy and resources.

Dr. Corwynn Beals

Who am I?

About Me:

1. Ive learned academically…with 27 years of being a student (B.A., M.A., M.A., and Ph.D.) and 20 years of being a professor.
2. I was my first client…I’ve learned through lots of lived experiences from personal failure and success.
3. I’ve learned emotional intelligence by leading youth and college students and adults through emotional transformation.
4. I’ve learned by exploring the depths of the unconscious through leading experiential/shadow-work seminars for over a decade.  

What people are saying…

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Dr. Beals’s approach was very different than everything out there, and he gave me reason to not give up hope. I was just amazed. I was just floored that this was working. I would respond differently–and he would then respond differently. I was just excited to be in this relationship now. Just to be together and want to be together and have fun together…and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since. I encourage anyone who is struggling out there feeling like there’s not an answer and they need to give up, that there really is.. this program will not just change your life but will help you grow to become the person you want to be and to make your life the way you want it to be.

Nothing else worked. This changed things at the root. The Issue Just Falls Away. 

We were to a point where there were just so much painful feelings of resentment and animosity towards each other [in my marriage]. It was becoming awful. I tried other resources: I tried reading, therapy, I tried to get him to go to therapy. What I found was that these other things I’ve done didn’t really get to the root of it. I felt good for a moment and then the same issue would creep up in a month or a year later.  

What I found was when I’m implementing parts of the program, I’m letting go of guilt and blame. It’s important to have a mentor and the group supporting me in order to keep on practicing. Each week building upon the week before. We actually get to the root cause and you actually can feel your energy changing. It feels like the issue just falls away.  

You feel that you’ve gotten it and it’s resolved and you really don’t have to worry about that again. So that’s extremely different from anything else that I’ve experienced. Corwynn as a mentor and a leader is phenomenal.”


Breakthrough Healing–Quickly

I had a breakthrough working with Corwynn and his ground breaking methods after just a few sessions–more transformation than I experienced in many years of traditional therapy. It was quick, to the point and yielded immense healing. He also equipped me with the tools to continually refine the way I take on life’s challenges. I can’t say enough about my experience and I can say I’m now excited about what my future holds.


Other things were temporary fixes. This change was deep–at the subconscious level.

  “I was scared about getting into the program. I believed Dr. Beals couldn’t teach anything that I couldn’t find in a popular marriage book. But I’ve been reading marriage books and articles for years and my situation hasn’t improved. So, I jumped into this program. It has given me ways to change my subconscious mind so I’ve changed the way I see myself and talk to myself.  

I’ve said for years, “I’d pay a million dollars to fix my relationship.” I’m sure, I’m pretty close to that figure with the big house, the cars, the trips. We live a pretty high lifestyle, but those things were just temporary fixes. This program has given me the deeper understanding. It really has been a blessing in my life. There is a reason [they] call Corwynn, ‘Obi Wan’.” 


Uprooting beliefs that were affecting me and my relationship

For me, this program has helped me recognize some beliefs that I’ve had from childhood, that I’m able to overcome and rewrite. I’m now able to face myself in a way that I was like “whoa I didn’t realize that was so deeply rooted.” But being able to uproot those things and be able to change my whole mindset about myself helps me to look at my relationship with my husband in a completely different way and to see him in a different way. This whole experience has changed my perspective on how I view myself, my husband and our relationship. The mentorship has helped to solidify it all.